Auditing & Tax Service in Singapore – FOZL Assurance PAC : Internal, External and Special Audit

What is GST
Singapore Budget 2021: What should Business Owners know?
What is GST
Singapore Budget 2021: What should Business Owners know?

FOZL Assurance PAC has been officially established!

If your business needs Internal, External and Special Audit services, please contact us at

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Since its inception in 2011, FOZL Group has provided one-stop incorporation services to thousands of local and overseas companies in Singapore. Our services include company incorporation, accounting, internal audit, tax filing, trademark registration, corporate consultancy, personal consultancy and co-sharing office space etc.

Increasing numbers of large multinational corporations and organisations had been approaching FOZL to enquire about independent third party auditing services. Thus, we are glad to announce the establishment of our audit firm, FOZL Assurance PAC. 
Our Auditing Services:
1. External audit
2. Internal audit and
3. Non-statutory audit (special audit) services
External audit service
  • Statutory and IFRS audit
  • Review of the accounting system and internal controls
  • Financial due diligence
Internal audit service
  • Assist companies in developing and implementing a “risk-based audit model”
  • Risk assessment, evaluation and testing
  • Recommendations for the establishment of a sound system of internal controls
  • Provide additional professional resources to the company’s internal audit department
Customised audit service required by clients, such as:
  • Auditing of sole proprietorships and partnerships, enhancing reliability of company accounts
  • Review the company’s internal operations, control systems, inventory systems, etc.
  • Review services in the event of a merger, acquisition or IPO
  • Targeted reports, e.g., company valuation and business efficiency assessment
  • Investigating corporate fraud, etc.
What are the statutory audit requirements in Singapore?
Under the Singapore Companies Act, all companies incorporated in Singapore are required to appoint an auditor or an audit firm practising in Singapore to perform audit services within three months of incorporation.
During an audit, an experienced auditor can understand the characteristics of a client’s industry, its mode of operation, management structure, potential problems and risks, and thus can provide professional solutions for the client.
Who can be exempted from audit in Singapore?
Not all companies registered in Singapore are required to be audited. Small companies registered in Singapore are exempted from audit under sections 205B and 205C of the Singapore Companies Act. A small company is defined as a company with total revenue not exceeding S$10 million, total assets not exceeding S$10 million and with no more than 50 employees.


Ms. Felinka Zhou Fan MBA
FOZL Assurance PAC Director and Partner 
Director of FOZL Group
Felinka has many years of experience in serving Chinese enterprises and has assisted many large Chinese listed companies, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises to establish their operations in Singapore. She is particularly good at providing clients with feasible solutions for their international development and localisation in the Singapore market.
Professional Qualifications
Licensed Statutory Secretary, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA)
Educational Background
University of Wales MBA, University of Wales (B.A.), UK
Social Involvement
Ambassador of Sian Chay Medical Institution, Singaproe  (2018 – 2021), /Voluntary digital editor.
Associate Member of Economy And Technology Association of Singapore. 
Member of North East Community Development Council, Singapore (2020-2023)
Assistant Secretary, Hougang Community Club (2018-2020)