Joint venture structure



Joint venture structure is a more common model of company formation.

This model is a limited liability company formed in Singapore by several natural persons or institutions, which are grouped together and formed by equity.



  • Each shareholder forms a company in the form of equity and exercises its rights according to the number of shares
  • Limited liability system, shareholders only bear limited liability for their own investment
  • The company is an independent legal individual
  • Important decisions of the company, decided by vote
  • Open an account and you can operate offshore
  • Company statements can be incorporated into the main company
  • Enjoy Singapore’s tax policy
  • Shareholder dividends are not taxed twice
  • Immunity from audit if at least two conditions are met
    • The annual turnover of the company is less than S$10 million
    • The total assets of the company are less than S$10 million
    • The number of employees in the company is less than 50



  • Companies, individuals interested in expanding their markets overseas
  • Co-operative business overseas
  • Multiple partner resource portfolios
  • Overseas investments, mergers and acquisitions
  • Settlement Center
  • Overseas Trade Center for Large Enterprises


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