Asset management structure

Asset management structure is a kind of complex offshore asset holding and entrusted management structure.

This structure means that an individual or institution holds an asset to form an offshore company in a third country (e.g. BVI, Cayman Islands, Samoa, etc.) in the form of a sole proprietorship or joint venture. Then set up one or more wholly owned subsidiaries in Singapore. Then use a Singapore subsidiary to hold the relevant assets. At the same time, the holder entrusts a third party or sets up an asset management company of his own to manage the assets.



  • Both the company and the asset structure are offshore holdings
  • Asset management is separate from asset holdings and can employ a professional asset management team
  • Protect your privacy
  • Open an account and you can operate offshore
  • Easy to manage
  • Shareholder dividends are not taxed twice



  • Asset management
  • Global Asset Allocation
  • Asset inheritance
  • More financial assets


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