International trade structure

International trade structure



The international trade structure is a commonly used trade company model.

This model means that an individual or institution, in the form of a sole proprietorship or joint venture, establishes a Singapore company. Then cooperate with the goods producing countries and the companies of the countries that purchase the goods, so as to achieve the global free trade, international settlement, tax optimization and other purposes.



  • Export preferences from producer countries of goods, as well as preferential policies for importing countries of goods
  • Utilize Singapore’s financial platform
  • Limited liability system, shareholders only bear limited liability for their own investment
  • The company is an independent legal individual
  • Open an account and you can operate offshore
  • Easy to manage the company
  • Enjoy Singapore’s tax policy
  • Shareholder dividends are not taxed twice
  • Immunity from audit if at least two conditions are met
    • The annual turnover of the company is less than S$10 million
    • The total assets of the company are less than S$10 million
    • The number of employees in the company is less than 50



  • Cross-border trade
  • International settlement
  • Regional Trade Management
  • Internationalization of the enterprise


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