Secretarial services – o

Secretarial services

Legal Secretary Services:

  1. Appoint a qualified legal secretary for the client company
  2. Keep company records and documents
  3. Corporate compliance consulting
  4. Follow up company annual review and tax filing time
  5. Witness the signing of company documents
  6. Appointment, removal, change of directors and other company members
  7. Appointment and change of auditors
  8. Change of registered company address
  9. Change company name
  10. Report the company’s actual capital
  11. Capital increase and share expansion
  12. Equity transfer and submission of stamp duty on equity transfer
  13. Companies reduce registered capital
  14. Company documents sent to ambassador for dual certification
  15. Certified Notarized Documents
  16. Other resolution documents


Business secretarial services:

  1. Collection and distribution of company letters (the customer bears the postage cost)
  2. Assist the customer to view and process the English letters received (with the authorization of the customer) ** An authorization letter for processing the letter and a disclaimer letter are required
  3. Customer parcel forwarding (customer bears delivery cost)
  4. Call forwarding, SMS, WeChat, Email reminder service
  5. Visiting customer reception
  6. General company operation consulting
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